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About us

Carmarthen Free Books is a community-focused bookstore in the heart of Carmarthen's town centre. We believe that everyone should have access to books, and we do this by allowing anyone to walk into our store and choose three books for free. Anyone can come in and choose three books per person per day. We're totally reliant on the dedicated individuals who volunteer their time with us to help sort the books and help out in the store. We also help schools and other organisations in the community, and around the world, by providing them with the resources they need. We help to bring education and literacy to those who need them most.

Our mission

Our mission, put simply, is to stop books going to landfill.

We do this by letting people donate old, unneeded or unwanted books to our store, where we put them out for someone to pick up, take home and enjoy. We're run by volunteers who help to co-ordinate this by sorting the books and then find them new homes. By doing this, we're promoting re-using and recycling these books. We help other groups by providing them with resources from our store, which carries on our mission to help the community access books.

Our Mission
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