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Schools and Community

We support many schools and organisations by providing them with books, both locally and around the world.


We've worked with many other organisations who send books all over the world, helping to promote literacy by aiding the development of libraries and reading facilities. We've helped send books to places like Sub-Saharan Africa and the Philippines. As well as this, we provide books to local organisations like care homes, hospices and mother-and-toddler groups.

We can also provide books, lesson plans, theme support and teaching and educational resources to schools. We have supplied resources on everything from WWII to the Celts and all sorts in-between. We provide resources in Welsh as well. We welcome school trips, and have had a visit to us combined with a school trip by many schools. Pupils can choose new books and resources for their school library and can also choose books to take home with them.

If your school or organisation is interested in getting some books, please get in touch by emailing us at


How we've helped

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